Student Development Programs

To meet the objective of making our students ‘Corporate Ready’, the Career Management Centre identifies the gap between industry and academia. This gap is bridged by following a well-defined Training Program viz. ‘Student Development Program (SSDP)’. The corporate trainings, as identified in SSDP, are beyond the syllabus of the Programs and give an extra edge to the core curriculum. These trainings are conducted by corporate trainers and senior alumni with an expertise in the relevant field. This program is focused to enhance the employability traits of our students and thus enables them to get a decent job in the Industry.

Capacity Building Programmes

The college’s objective is to enhance the employability skills of its students by training them on soft skills, computer skills and technical skills as per the industry requirement.

The Career Management Centre at GRD IMT College takes many initiatives to groom students as per the industry requirements from the initial days. Over the years, the grooming program has become structured and defined as Student Skill Development Program (SSDP).

Personality Grooming & Corporate Grooming

New initiatives have been implemented in order to improve the overall personality, soft skills, attitude, positive thinking, wisdom, values and business ethics and other high delivery sustainable qualities among students by the Institute.

The Career Management Centre is entrusted with the assignment of bringing in various experts in the above fields to impart their experience in professional life.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Peer-To-Peer Teaching Style involves students teaching other students. A peer-tutor concept boosts the classroom learning process and makes it more interactive and interesting. Having a tutor who is of the same age level as them also helps in bridging the learning gaps amongst students. In order to improve the quality of Management education and its delivery mechanism and outcome, a number of initiatives have been proposed for the next five years and some of them have already been implemented. These initiatives also enhance GRM IMT College position among peer group and industry through collaborations, consulting and advisory, faculty exchange, networking, and media relationship.

What our Students Say about Us

Corporate Resource Cell – the placement unit of GRD defines most of my final year life in college. This was one of the finest things that happened to me in my college life. I was one of the members of the Student Council of Placement and I believe that proved to be really beneficial for me in every aspect.


T&P Cell has given me the opportunity to work in corporate environment. This department has always tried to work for the betterment of students grooming them and making every student ready with skills and employability set ready to take on the challenges of corporate world without being partial.


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