Research Centers and Facilities

Research is an integral component of any educational program. In order to do research in a meaningful manner, it is imperative to review the recent advances in the concerned subjects from time to time.

The main purpose of attending International Seminars, holding conferences etc. is to have interactions with the scientists, mathematicians, engineers and management experts, and thus come to know about the advances made in the recent past in the broad areas of Engineering Sciences, Pharmacy Science, Material Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development. 

* This is expected to provide a boost to the research activities.

The Institute has taken up challenges to create potential and productive research culture in the Institute in the process of which notable exercises are: introduction of Master’s programmes in Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Pharmacy, organization of research conferences  and encouraging and sponsoring members of faculty to enroll as members of scientific & professional societies. In the process of bolstering the research activities, many faculty members have published research papers in leading national and international journals.

The Institute is focused towards research and development from its inception period. The research activities are department-centric as well as inter-disciplinary.

Admission Open 2024-25