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A two-year postgraduate degree in masters of business administration equips students with the fundamentals of management. This program is an academic degree that emphasizes management and marketing. It covers subjects including marketing, management principles, operations management, supply chain management, and organizational behavior. This program places a strong emphasis on a person’s ability to develop analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Additionally, an MBA enables students to communicate well and prepares them for flourishing in dynamic leadership positions across a range of international businesses, and collaborate well in groups. By obtaining this degree, you can position yourself for better, frequently higher-paying employment or lay the groundwork for a new profession. Gaining useful job skills and a reputable certificate can help you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers in a range of industries.

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The MBA-HR program at GRD’s School of Management Studies was started with the purpose of developing professionals with a strong grounding in the HR domain as well as possessing a deep understanding of business and other functions. Over this nine-year journey, through our rigorous and current curriculum along with strong academia and industry interface, we have been able to develop strong HR professionals who are placed in organizations across various sectors in India and other countries. In the last few years, we have consistently been placed amongst the top-ranking MBA-HR programs in the country.

  • Healthy mix of courses and workshops to build a robust knowledge base as well as develop hands-on skills.
  • Sector Specific Inputs through continuous interactions with Business and HR leaders along with doing live corporate projects in multiple sectors like Automobile, IT, FMCG, HR Consulting, Telecommunications, Retail etc.
  • Business Research Workshops and Dissertation to augment skills of opportunity recognition, problem identification and solving, critical thinking and ability to work independently.
  • A Workshop and on HR Analytics along with an enhanced focus on data and analytics in every course.
  • 4-8 weeks of Summer Internship
  • Significant course offerings and workshops from other functional areas

Considering finance as the back bone of the economy and an individual’s survival necessityan MBA degree in Finance opens up various prospects for students in the financial world. In this course, the students learn to analyse company reports, forecast economic trends, take measures to maximize stock value, choose investment portfolios, balance risk and profitability. One of the major specializations a post graduate in MBA (Finance) prepares students for careers in accounting, financial planning, banking, corporate finance and other institutions in the financial sector.

Marketing is the key component of any venture and includes aspects like writing product descriptions, designing website pages, improving customer services, establishing business & market segments and conducting market research. Marketing involves strategies that aid in the growth of a business venture.

This branch primarily deals with areas such as:

  • Developing marketing strategies and plans
  • Analyzing consumer behaviour and selecting markets
  • Product and brand management
  • Managing distribution, marketing channels and retailing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Pricing
  • Marketing Research

Globalization and freedom of trade have elevated international business to an increasingly important role in the global economy. Today’s successful professionals must come with a varied skill set, adaptable to the diverse and international nature of the global market. The MBA in International Business at GRD School of Management will equip you with the tools to navigate a world with rapidly dissipating borders. In this Business Management MBA program, you will develop a broad understanding of the different facets of international business through extensive case studies accompanied by lectures on a diverse range of topics related to international business. The MBA in International Business will enhance your knowledge in international management, economics, international marketing and skills in analysis, negotiation, leadership and strategy. It will also be beneficial in developing the ability to analyze and recognize business opportunities and potential risks.

In India Agriculture is considered as the back bone of the Indian economy. Agriculture has opened up vast opportunities in the industries like packaging, supply of raw material, processed food production, exports and allied fields with the use of modern technology. Being a niche programme which requires a subtle approach towards the market segment, individual attributes, ability to perform based on technical knowledge and skills; GRD School of Management offers MBA Agribusiness Management programme in 4 semesters with special focus on Introduction to Agribusiness Management, Entrepreneurship Development in Agri Sector, Management of Agriculture and Allied Sciences, Marketing of Agri–Inputs & Outputs, Post-Harvest Technology and Management, Agri Import & Export Management.Agriculture Business Management contributes the agricultural sector by providing professionals and business leaders.

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas, often relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.So MBA in Rural Business Management is a specialized program focuses on developing business insight while addressing the specific needs and dynamics of rural areas. Students in this program gain a deep understanding of agricultural economics, rural development, resource management, and sustainable business practices. As we have seen in India

Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, and practices for iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning.

MBA in Business Analytics is a rising field and the skilled MBAs in Business Analytics are in high demand from corporate sectors. Key programme details and its importance at GRD School of Management are shared below: 

  • Business Analytics combines the fields of management, business and computer science to help businesses take data-driven decisions.
  • The study of MBA in Business Analytics India uses advance statistical analysis that focuses on providing actionable recommendations.
  • Business Analysts in this field focus on deriving insights from real business and consumer data
  • The programme goal of the MBA in Business Analytics is to draw insights about why things happened, what will happen and what should be done
  • Business analytics utilizes big data, statistical analysis, and data visualization to take better decisions and implement organization changes
  • Business Analytics is being used in practically every industry particularly Banking & Financial Services, E-commerce and Retailing
  • Creation of consumer and business data, generated by use of mobile technology, computing, sensors and other devices have led to explosion in this field.

Supply chain management deals with a system of procurement, operations management, logistics and marketing channels, through which raw materials can be developed into finished products and delivered to their end customers.
Supply chain and logistics have transformed from basic delivery systems to pivotal strategic business functions, integrating just-in-time inventory management, last-mile delivery, global transportation networks, big data applications and advanced UAV and drone technologies. With an increasing need for proficient professionals combining technical prowess and leadership, GRD School of Management offers a comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates supply chain and logistics management principles from a strategy, planning and operations perspective. It emphasises analytics and data- driven insights for enhanced supply chain efficiency,streamlined networks and innovative sustainability frameworks, facilitating progressive supply chain finance strategies.

  • 10+2 in any stream with minimum 50% marks from a recognized board.
  • Graduation with at least 50% score from a recognized university.
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