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Agriculture: agriculture science will help countries adjust to healthier methods of food production. Agriculture plays a very vital role in our life. Along with being a necessity it also helps in the economy of the country. study of agriculture is called agronomy. The agriculture sector in India remains the backbone of its society.

Why is agriculture important: agriculture are developing new High-yield varieties of crops. That require fertilizer and pesticides and it reduces the need for using costly chemicals and trades. without agriculture the existence of human being is not possible as it is the main source of our food supply to sustain on earth. And there are several job opportunities available . It is also a good source of income .

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 Government of Uttarakhand

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Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University

  • All those candidates who have passed the 12th from science stream (medical/non-medical) in physics, chemistry, biology/mathematics from a recognize board are eligible for admission in B.Sc. agriculture.
Fee structure

Agriculture graduates are placed in renowned firms industries, services and agricultural sector based tie-ups including different prospects .

  • Banking
  • Corporate world
  • Agro industries
  • Food grain procurement agencies
  • Food corporation of India (FCI)

BSc (Hons.) Agriculture courses focus on agricultural microbiology, soil science, genetics, plant breeding, food microbiology, etc. At GRD IMT, various workshops are organized for students as well as internship opportunities with good placements.

Leaving certificate agriculture science involves the study of the science and technology underlying the principles and practices of agriculture it aims to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that promotes the sustainability of agricultural resources.

We possess various laboratories to teach the practical system of agriculture to the students.

  • Agronomy/seed technology lab
  • Horticulture lab
  • Biology lab
  • Soil science lab
  • Plant pathology lab
  • Entomology lab

  • Agriculture

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Admission Open 2024-25