Campus Director's Message

Dr. Pankaj Chaudhary

Campus Director, GRD Group of Institutions, Dehradun

GRD IMT-College with its world-ready globally accepted programs, is shaping the destiny of its students, right here in India and enabling them to take the center-stage on the global arena.

In this holistic initiative Professor Pankaj Chaudhary is a central figure. He takes active efforts to synergize the teaching-learning process through active interaction with industry, academia & other sectors. The idea of visionary leadership and the philosophy of a modern educational approach are built upon the concept of recognizing unique potential of students and giving them the tools to be able to create their own path.

With his ability to establish cooperative, professional relationships with parents, staff and administration Prof Chaudhary is always open to new ideas for working towards larger good of the students to assist their academic and professional growth. Prof Chaudhary is a big advocate of merging curriculums with extra-curricular activities and taking help of alumni from various streams in the College’s initiatives. He is also responsible for ensuring quality in all in-house affairs of the College. What students get alongside the benefits of a GRD is the exceptional College experience they have while here on campus.

Surrounded by pristine forests, an exciting social, cultural and sporting life, and opportunities for volunteering, societies, clubs and much more, students here have a chance for 360 degree development.

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