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B.Sc. (CS) + Big Data is a three-year full-time program .  It is an excellent course in which students will learn the fundamentals of mathematics and statistics. On the basis of mathematics and statistics foundations, Big Data Technology provides a systematic curriculum of data gathering, management, analysis, decision-making, and so on. The Big Data course will expose you to popular big data tools, with demonstrations and case studies for each. The training will concentrate on using each of these technologies for analytics reasons. It will begin with a briefing on Hadoop, covering the framework and its various versions.

It also refers to enormous data collections that are analyzed to determine data trends, a process known as data mining.

Approved by

 Government of Uttarakhand

Affiliated to

Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University

  • Candidates must have passed their 10+2 level of education from a recognized educational Board.
Fee structure

After pursuing course students can take up jobs in the IT as well as the non-IT sector as per their career interests :

Application Programmer | Database Administrator | Hardware and Network Expert | Computer Information Specialist | Enterprise Information | Officer Information | Information Technologist | Information Architect | Information Security | Legal Information Specialist | Maintenance Technician | IT Expert | Quality Analyst

The course provides in-depth knowledge in the area

  • To impart understanding of the fundamental theories, rules, and managerial functions.
  • To encourage in students a sense of commerce and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide knowledge and necessary skills in several management fields, such as marketing, operations, finance, and human resources, in order to create a comprehensive grasp of a corporate system.
  • To educate the pupils on both qualitative and quantitative methods of problem-solving and critical thought.
  • To acquire IT expertise in the areas of word processing, office management software, presentation software, and information search that are necessary for corporate success.
  • To give students real-world industrial experience so they may develop their managerial skills and business sense while gaining a comprehensive understanding of a company or industry.

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Admission Open 2024-25