Campus Placement Training

GRD-IMT College follows the below steps for Campus Placements preparation in order to become the best engineering college for the Placements

Aptitude Tests

The following assessment exercises are conducted to improve the students’ aptitude for facing campus interviews:

  • Domain knowledge
  • Logical reasoning ability
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Verbal ability (normally based on communication skills in English)

Each company conducts its interviews in its own way and follows a unique process. It is thus important to understand the process very thoroughly to prepare the students well. 

Campus Placement Training

GRD IMT college takes the help of its past students, alumni and sources from the companies to understand their specific process and train students accordingly while preparing for that company. However, it is important to note that whatever the skills that specific companies may require, core skills are common for all companies. The students are expected to be competent in their subjects that they have been learning in their Engineering Curriculum and GRD IMT college places a lot of stress on preparing students in their core areas.

Campus Placement Training

Interview Skills

An interview is a communication process between the interviewer panel and the interviewee where the latter is expected to display his / her skills and sell himself/herself to the panel. A rigorous placement interview preparation is carried out at GRD IMT College for all eligible students. The following items are stressed.

  • Clarity in Thought: The student is taught to work towards a clear thinking pattern – it helps in life in more ways than one.
  • Interview Preparation Tips: It is always helpful to prepare for an interview in advance. It helps to anticipate the type of questions that will be asked in an interview and have broad-based answers ready so that the candidate does not have to search for answers during the interview process.
  • Avoid Common Mistakes:  We, at GRD IMT College, teach the students to avoid common mistakes like not doing enough research of the company beforehand, presenting a negative body language and having a negative attitude towards the position/company.

Group Discussions

GRD IMT college holds mock GD sessions for its students on a regular basis and all these skills are individually tested and honed to perfection.

  • Clarity of Thought: The students need to understand a situation very clearly, build an argument based on the situation and then present it clearly during a GD. 
  • Communication Skills: This is the second most important aspect of a GD. The arguments of a student are not only shaped by the topic but several other external factors play a part. What the participant is saying depends on the arguments of the other participants, the language and tone of discussion in the meeting and politely stressing on the benefits of your point of view so that they are accepted by others are important skills taught during a GD at GRD IMT college.
  • Addressing Issues: A participant in a GD is not an island independent of the others but a part of the general flow of conversation. So, the students are taught that it is important to respect other points of view, agree/disagree with them logically and take notes to keep track.
Campus Placement Training

Technical Round

The technical round is normally the first round of interview a candidate’s faces and the performance in this round can make or break the prospects of the candidate. In this round, he needs to showcase whatever he has learned during his Engineering curriculum and give the interviewer confidence in his abilities. This round is conducted normally by a project executive who is thorough with the skills that are used in the company. We teach the students the importance of the following preparatory steps.

  • Background Research: It is not possible for any student to master all subjects that are taught in an engineering curriculum. Thus, it is important to find out the domains in which the target company works and prepare well in those subjects as the questions would most probably come from these areas. It also shows the candidate a good fit for the company.
  • Practice Coding: Most of the jobs are nowadays confined to the IT domain. To prepare for these companies, it is very important for a student to be very thorough with coding. At GRD IMT, we encourage the students to use online platforms like Codechef and HackerEarth and to participate in Hackathons to hone their coding skills and to compete against teams from other institutions.

Work on Your Strengths

Each student has some strong areas, It is important to identify this area and work on improving these skills so that the student can perform at his best in a competitive situation. However, most students are unable to find their areas of strength and work blindly to master all areas. At GRD IMT, we spend a lot of time and effort to identify the strength areas of students and make them focus on these areas for maximizing their outputs.

Campus Placement Training
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