Why Do Chefs Wear White Uniforms?

The world of Hospitality is known to provide the best services, known for their etiquettes and make their guest feel comfortable and give a world-class treatment. But we often notice that chefs wear white uniforms or coats and wonder why not some other colour? though, when the chefs wear white uniform for the first time nothing gives them more joy and they feel totally proud of their profession and the services that they provide! Today one of the best hotel management colleges in Dehradun, GRD IMT will be revealing the true reason that why we spot chefs wearing white uniform!

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In the mid of 19th century, French Chef Marie- Antoine Careme is largely credited for creating chef’s white uniform. The idea behind creating white uniform is to express the cleanliness and signify freshness. As we all know that white is the most noticeable colour, and chef whites are a proud tradition in the world of hospitality. The white jacket that the chefs wear is usually double breasted so in case, if it stains by any chance all they have to do is simply reverse the flaps. GRD IMT is the renowned college that is counted among the best hotel management colleges in Dehradun. Also, along with that white is the most reflective colour and it can be easily bleached so stains are not permanent! Nowadays due to various trends and uniqueness of the restaurants there is a change in the pattern of chef’s uniform, still in many aspirational restaurant’s chefs will be seen wearing white coat and most of them carry three coats. You must be wondering why?

One to wear, other incase if the coat gets stained and the other, if any VIP guests arrives where chefs are supposed to greet them! So now we hope you got to know the real reason behind why chefs wear white coats or uniforms and look so elegantly presentable.

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