Career Guidance For Engineering Students.

Getting a dream job and having a well-established life is the need of every other youth. When it comes to engineering, the responsibility of the work increases right from the start. Not only engineers go through the completion of those lengthy journals before the deadline and many sleepless nights but also create a history and are the future of our country that proves themselves by their work. The best engineering and management college in Dehradun, GRD-EDU says that if you are wondering what to do next after engineering or what is the scope of engineering all you got to do is keep scrolling! GRD Institute of Management and Technology, a flagship institute of GRD Group of Institutes was raised in the year 2008 with the launch of its Engineering and Management Programs along with other undergraduates, postgraduates’ program and has since grown into a well-known and recognized institute for its technical education in the Northern region of India.

Summer Internship

You become good at your job only if you have real work experience. During your academics whenever any summer internship opportunities come, be a part of it, learn and work hard based on that you can also make your portfolio/cv stronger which will have higher chances of you getting placed in a good company. GRD-IMT is listed among the best engineering colleges in Dehradun.

Campus placements

You can choose to get an engineering job through campus placements. Campus placements can help you get a high-paying job even before you get your degree. Campus placements can be very lucrative. The number of job offers worth more than one crore has increased considerably in the past few years. Make sure that you are attending your lectures regularly and maintaining a good CGPA. Also, keep training yourself for interviews and keep reading books and boost your knowledge. GRD-IMT is the best b-tech college in Dehradun.


Doing management studies after engineering is one of the preferred options among many aspirants. Studying management can help you get a high-paying job with more responsibility. For those who wish to climb up the corporate ladder fast, this is the best option. GRD-IMT is the best engineering university in Dehradun.

Get a certification

To improve your skills and to get better with your learnings you can also do some courses which has a good demand as per your stream.GRD-IMT is the best engineering and management college in Dehradun. You need to take some time out and figure which course you need to go for and think about its benefits. Also doing impressive courses can help you land job at good MNCs.

Civil Services

You can also go for civil services after your b-tech. this is one of the favorite career options of almost all engineering students. You can prepare for various entrance exams and can serve the nation. It has got a huge scope.

Being the best engineering and management college in Dehradun, GRD focuses on the adoption of global best practices in teaching-learning and innovation in all programs with rigor- and relevance. For more details, get in touch with us.

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