When we hear the word engineering the first thing that comes to our mind is those lengthy journals, never-ending syllabus, formulas, and what not! Though all of them do exist apart from that there are also some of the really fun and exciting facts about engineering. Yes, you read it right. It is hard to believe and assume that even fun can exist with the word engineering but yes, it does! GRD-IMT, one of the best Enineering colleges in Dehradun will be revealing few interesting fun facts about engineering which will surely make you more curious to know more facts about engineering.

GRD IMT is one of the well-known institutes for engineering studies. the institute has all the latest technology which will be required for various practical sessions also the institute has a strong reputation which it has built over the years by providing the best placement opportunities to the final year students.

So, now we will be sharing 6 fun and exciting facts about engineering, keep scrolling!

1. In 1893, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania engineer, George W. Ferris, invented the first Ferris wheel which is considered one of the greatest engineering wonders in the world.

2. Engineers design running shoes as they understand how much force travels from the ground to the shoe and then the foot. They specifically design the shoes to check the performance and comfort.

3. Today space travel is possible due to advancements in technologies by engineers especially in communication, computers, structures, and materials.

4. When it comes to the theme park industry, the contribution of engineering and technology is remarkable. Right from controlling, management, lighting, building, crowd flowing everything is managed and constructed by engineers.

5. Bio-engineers are creating interesting medical technology which will help the surgeons to reconstruct facial birth defects by utilizing virtual reality technique.

6. Computer engineers collaborate with animators to create a special visual effect that is immensely used in the movie industry called morphing technology in which digital image looks real.

These were few fun facts about engineering, to know more about engineering courses and programs you can get in touch with us. GRD IMT is a well-recognized institute in Dehradun. For any admission related query visit our website

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