Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Activity is an essential part of Institute life and development and encompasses the many pursuits that broaden and expand the learning communities in which faculty function and the Institute is situated.

Typically these activities are related to the faculty member’s discipline but may include significant work that prompts the intellectual advancement of others in areas related to the faculty member’s Institute appointment.

Examples of Scholarly Activity may include but are not limited to:

  • Academic presentations (e.g., academic conferences, professional conferences, on-campus colloquia)
  • Academic publications (e.g., academic journals, conference proceedings, scholarly books, textbooks)
  • Application of scholarship that results in documented change (e.g., collaboration with local schools, work with community organizations in problem solving, new professional certifications resulting from significant exploration, design of assessment systems/reports that require synthesis of expertise and exploration of data)
  • Creation of scholarly materials or models (e.g., significant study that leads to change in Institute processes, policies, or widely-used materials)
  • Creative endeavors, performances, and literary or artistic works
  • Grant development and awards
  • Significant study to expand areas of scholarly expertise promoting cross disciplinary experiences and/or student research
  • Invitational or juried exhibitions
  • Patent applications
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